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For the past two decades, the specialists of our Company provide our customers with excellent products for the bathroom. We offer high quality products, which will be suitable for a room of any size and style. If you go for our bathroom furniture and sinks, which are made of the TM Fancy Marble cast stone, you also choose a perfect style, an accessible price and high-level skills of Ukrainian specialists.

About us

Our Company was founded in 1998, when the market was full of low-quality bathroom fixtures. From the very beginning, the main priorities of our team were: an affordable price, a perfect quality and a wide choice! Until now we still follow our main principles and also can provide our customer with any assortment he wishes!

Our Company main business is supplying and selling bathroom fixtures and accessories and also manufacturing of the bathroom furniture. Due to the expansion of production volume and development of a new direction for the production of cast stone sinks, in 2014 we launched a new brand -TM Fancy Marble.

Our regular customers will appreciate the fact that TM Fancy Marble is the result of rebranding of our key brand - Bul-Bul, which is widely represented all over the plumbing shops in Ukraine and well-known to our customers.

Profit comes first, but honesty is above and beyond the profit

Why do so many customers consider our Company as a guarantor of reliability and quality? Because this is really true! We are committed to the constant service improving. The Company’s specialists carefully monitor products quality and are usually well posted on the latest innovations on the market of plumbing equipment and bathroom furniture.

Offering our goods, we are sure that they are always of a high quality and will serve our customers for a long time, delighting with their warmth and comfort. We have everything you want: from the modest classic to luxurious masterpieces, taking into account all needs of the modern user.

Product range: large variety for any needs

What does the comfort mean? So, the comfort starts with the cosy furniture, practical and spacious cupboards and of course with the bright and warm bathroom. If you start your apartment remodelling and look for a new interior, you’ve chosen a right page! Here you will find dozens of standard wash basins, drawers, cupboards and mirrored vanitys of standard colors, which fit perfectly into any space. You can also order a custom-made product that will vary in size, color and accessories.

Only one thing remains unchanged - an excellent quality!

Our honour is our clients!

Our customer should be satisfied! This is the motto of our team. All wishes and tasks of the Company are based on the desire to meet the consumer’s demand completely. We are glad to cooperate with individuals and companies, fulfill orders of any complexity and volume. Starting cooperation with TM Fancy Marble, you will appreciate the personal approach and attention to all your questions and suggestions.

TM Fancy Marble - why choose us

  • Products high quality;
  • Best prices;
  • Wide range of models, which are presented in our showroom, at the Company’s website or in salons of our representatives;
  • The availability of full range of standard products at the warehouse;
  • Manufacturing the bathroom furniture on individual dimensions;
  • Wide variety of colors of custom-made furniture and cast stone sinks with individual orders;
  • Full guarantee on all goods of our production!

We should stress that the furniture manufacturing with individual dimensions is not only the most efficient use of your house space, but also the best way to highlight your individuality.

Do not put off the renovation of your house. With us It turns simple and joyful! TM Fancy Marble is always minimum expense and maximum pleasure from shopping!